Keywords: regional economic policy, endogenous potential, rural territories, mountain territories, diversification, infrastructure, inclusive development


The article substantiates ways to improve resource provision of territories with special developmental problems (rural, mountainous). According to the goal, the following methods of economic research are used in the manuscript: analysis and synthesis; abstract-logical – to form the purpose and objectives of the research; dialectical and systematic analysis – to study the theoretical and methodological positions, the synthesis of literary sources, the formation of conclusions.

It is noted that the current trends in the management of the development of territories with special needs should be guided by the principles of partnership and coordination, strategic planning, and targeted funds. Therefore, the regional economic policy implemented in these territories is a policy that defines and focuses on opportunities for the future, mobilizing and stimulating inefficiently used potential.

It is grounded that in order to improve the resource provision of rural and mountain territories, the following tasks are necessary: stimulation of agrarian production, forest processing (for mountainous territories); promoting diversification of the economy of rural and mountain areas; development of infrastructure of rural and mountain territories; development of human potential. It is emphasized that in today's conditions a differentiated approach should be introduced for these territories to choose the instruments of state support for their development, which will ensure a combination of economic and social goals. The seinstruments relate to the planning of land use in the seterritories, promotion of diversification of their economies, stimulation of employment, development of small businesses, financing of development projects, provision of subventions and grants as part of the implementation of state regional policy mechanisms and targeted financing of busines sentities.

It is proved that the practical fulfillment of certain tasks will contribute to the improvement of regional economic policy, the solution of the problem of eliminating interregional imbalances, and the achievement of new goals for the development of territories with special needs in the context of administrative and financial decentralization.


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