• Ірина Романівна Попадинець Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University




quality, environmental management, competitiveness, standardization, management system.


Abstract. According to the results of analysis of theoretical and methodological principles of product quality assessment to ensure its competitiveness in the international market, the introduction of an enterprise integrated management system (IMS) is proposed, because one of the most common standards included in the IMS is the ISO 14000 series of standards, i.e. the environmental management (SEM).

To implement the environmental management system, the company should develop an environmental policy: a special document on the intentions and principles of the organization, which should serve as a basis for environmentally significant actions of the organization and the definition of environmental goals and objectives. Among the goals and objectives in environmental policy, it is advisable to distinguish the following points: the obligation to conduct audits and assess the effectiveness of environmental actions; commitment to interact with local and regional authorities, to account for local and regional conditions; obligations to ensure safe working conditions for health; commitment to training staff and sales partners.

In particular, the enterprise's readiness to introduce the ISO 14000 standard was determined by the method of self-diagnosis of each factor by a point estimate: factor missing - 1 point; factor is very rare - 2 points; the factor is not strong or weak - 3 points; the factor manifests itself frequently - 4 points; factor manifests itself systematically, steadily, clearly - 5 points. Self-diagnostics show that the company is ready to implement ISO 14000, as there is no indicator that would slow down the plans to implement the standard.

A step-by-step algorithm for identifying environmental aspects and evaluating the environmental impacts of a manufacturing enterprise is proposed. It includes selecting an activity, product or service; identification of environmental aspects of plastic packaging products; identification of environmental impacts: actual or potentially beneficial or adverse environmental effects associated with each identified aspect; identification of environmental impacts: actual or potentially beneficial or adverse environmental effects associated with each identified aspect; assessing the significance of environmental impacts.


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