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financial inclusion, financial system, financial services, availability of financial services, object of scientific research.


Financial inclusion means the availability and use of financial services by all sections of the population, including people with low incomes, less mobile groups, women, youth and people from remote areas. Financial inclusion studies examine the level of access to financial services, the use of these services, and the effectiveness of financial systems in meeting the needs of all population groups.

The purpose of the article is to outline the key scientific directions of financial inclusion research as a subject for future systemic and complex developments and practical solutions.

The relevance of the research topic lies in the fact that comprehensive research will contribute to the solution of specific practical problems, in particular, the avoidance of significant inequality in access to financial services, as well as the presence of great potential for stimulating economic development. By providing access to financial services, supporting entrepreneurship and investment in small and medium-sized enterprises, financial inclusion contributes to job creation, income growth and poverty reduction.

In the research process, it was established that despite the fact that today financial inclusion is the object of research for many scientists in the field of finance and economics, we believe that certain areas are not researched and do not have a methodological basis. The problem of assessing the parameters of the necessity, expediency and effectiveness of financial inclusion as an element of the general strategy for the development of the financial system of Ukraine is significant.

Such a generalizing problem opens up an additional area for scientific research, since financial inclusion depends on the features of the socio-economic development of the country and a separate region, and therefore developed foreign methods will not always adequately demonstrate their effectiveness in the conditions of financial and economic development of Ukraine.

It is the task of the state, in the form of state bodies implementing monetary and fiscal policy, to monitor the parameters of financial inclusion and respond to their changes in a comprehensive, objective and scientifically based manner.


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