• О. Я. Малинка
  • А. О. Устенко
Keywords: brand, brand equity,


A comprehensive analysis of the sources of capital formation of the brand of the retail
market of light oil products on the basis of a "DNA" approach has been carried out. As a result, a number
of tools and methods have been identified with which it is possible to evaluate the effect of individual
components of brand identity (associations, image, individuality, location, perceived quality, value and
core) on a particular market segment.
To evaluate the effect of individual components of the OKKO brand, it is suggested to use such tools
and methods: survey and observation, expert assessments, arbitrary associations, detailed questions,
scales, brand perception mapping, brand mapping, subjective brand classification analysis, visual
perception mapping goods, EquiTrend, the construction of maps for determining the nominal value of the
brand and the matrix for the deployment of quality functions, testing the perception and recognition of
brand attributes, testing ease of remembering brand loyalty to the brand testing, testing the possibility of
replacing the brand. After all, it is important for the company to assess the consumer perception of the
brand (to analyze the impact of its identity components on consumer impressions of contact with the
product) in order to achieve the maximum coincidence of the planned and perceived brand content. To do
this, it is needed to have a full understanding of how consumers buy and use the goods, and most
importantly - about what they know, how think and feel.
Keywords: brand, brand equity, "DNA"-approach to brand building, oil retail market.


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