About the Authorized Capital of Domestic Business Entities


  • М. О. Данилюк
  • Ю. Д. Лозяк
  • О. Д. Лозяк


nominal capital, parent company, limited liability, joint-stock company, commercial and unitary enterprises.


The approach to the legislative procedure of the formation of " share capital"was
studied. The features of the shared capital of limited liability companies, joint stock companies,
commercial companies and unitary enterprises were found. The problems of determining the minimum
authorized capital of a limited liability company and the rationale for its formation were highlighted.
The complex analysis of the current legislation, the functions of the papers and scientists were done,
which resulted in the necessity of the creation of authorized capital of a limited liability company and
determined that its minimum size depends on the number of its members and should be the minimum
possible amount divisible.


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